Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Holiday Mini Swap by Group part 2

As promised more swap groups!  A few cards stuck to others.  I realized this as I was typing the post.  So I added them alone, rather than reshoot the larger pictures.

Group 5
 row1:  Paisley Prints - Carolee Crabb
Jolly Old Saint Nick and Northern Flurry - Dava Tutt
Jolly Jingle - Ellen Pruett - Chipper
Tags til Christmas - Brenda Helvie

row 2: Fang-tastic! - Mandy Gaa
Peaceful Season - Lisa Takeuchi
Jolly Bingo Bits - Beth Weinstein
A Cute Christmas - Tonya Ball

row3: Paisley Prints - Margaret Bussan  
Merry Crittermas - Nicole Baruth
Season of Hugs - Susan M Miller
Christmas Postcard - Michelle Hornback

 row 4: Jolly Jingles - Michelle Snow

Bells and Boughs - Lori Hanna

Group 6
row 1: French Foilage - Carolee Crabb
Tags till Christmas - Lori Hanna
Tags til Christmas - Kealey Buteau

row 2: Christmas Collage - Sandy Puyleart
A Cute Christmas - Sarah Nabar
Bright Christmas - Connie Bjork

row 3: Paisley Prints - Margaret Bussan
Fang-tastic! - Mandy Gaa
Bright Christmas - Janis Sinko
Christmas Postcard - Diane  Mello

row 4: Bells and Boughs - Linda Pittman
Season of Hugs - Susan M Miller
Peaceful Season - Lisa Takeuchi

Merry Crittermas - Nicole Baruth

Group 7
row 1: Christmas Collage - me
Filled with Love - Mary Haugan
Tasteful Cute Xmas- Judi Anderson
Paisley Prints - Carolee Crabb

row 2: Christmas Postcard - Kealey Buteau
Cute Christmas - Carrie Cudney
Bingo Card with Jolly Bingo Bits - Sandy Puyleart 

row 3: Fright Night - Michelle P Fisher
Peaceful Season - Tiffany Welker
 Fang-tastic! - Mandy Gaa

row 3: Tags til Christmas - Tonya Ball
Season of Hugs - Susan M Miller
Bells and Boughs - Linda Pittman
French Foliage - Sarah Nabar

Fangtastic- wandabing

Aren't there lots of great ideas in this swap? 
So many favorites!  Hope you enjoyed them all.
Happy stamping!

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Tonya said...

Thank you for hosting the swap. I really enjoyed getting such wonderful cards to share with my customers and now I can check out the other groups too. Tonya

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