Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Technique Cards for June

It was fake it month for class.  Faux Silk, Faux Tile, Faux Shaving Cream, and Faux Highlights or Crayon Resist as most know the technique.  It was lots of fun and everyone got to create easy cards with that wow effect.

For our faux silk card we did the variation, using Mod Podge™,  and Dazzling Diamonds.  It's messy, you may want to do this on a large piece of scrap paper.  After it dried, I tapped it off again.

Eastern Blooms stamp set - retiring June 30th, 2010

Faux Silk
Stamp on tissue, crinkle it and adhere it to cardstock for a soft silky look.

Tissue paper
Glue stick
Neutral cardstock

1. Stamp images on tissue paper.
2. Crinkle tissue paper. Smooth out and set aside.
3. Apply adhesive of your choice over the entire piece of neutral cardstock.
4. Spread tissue paper over adhesive. Smooth out most wrinkles.
5. Trim excess tissue paper.
6. Finish your card.

Add a little sparkle - Apply Mod Podge™, Elmer's Glue™, or another wet adhesive to neutral cardstock with a foam brush. Smooth tissue paper over the cardstock and sprinkle Dazzling Diamonds Glitter™ over the tissue paper while still wet.

Inspired By Nature

Grid Technique - Faux tile
scoring tool

1. Line your cardstock up diagonally with a score line on the scoring tool.
2. Score card stock at ½” intervals.
3. Turn card stock 90 degrees, line up as before, and score at every 1/2" again to create a scored grid.
4. Ink the stamp and stamp on the card stock side with the indented score lines.
To create a partly stamped image for a background, place the stamp wood-side down with the card stock over it. To get the partly stamped image, finger walk over the paper.
5. Add more images and sponge card stock edges if desired.


Petal Pizzazz

Faux Shaving Cream
Create a marbled look on your stamped image.

Stamping Wheel
Solid Stamp
Dye Inks
Neutral Cardstock

1. Ink up your solid stamp with a light dye ink colors.
2. Ink up your Stamping Wheel either with an ink cartridge or by rolling over a ink pad with a darker complimentary color.
3. Place your Wheel on your solid stamp and twist it. You can also swipe the wheel over the stamp.
Continue to twist or swipe your wheel until you have transferred enough ink from your wheel to your stamp. This will create your marbled look.
4. Huff on your stamp to remoisten the image. Now stamp your image on neutral cardstock.

Close up of images.  Careful of dragging the wheel, it scraps the ink off.  See the white mark on the right hand flower.  Touch, twist, lift, (turn your wheel every little bit) touch again until you have transferred enough color to the stamp.


Eastern Blooms stamp set - retiring June 30th, 2010

Crayon Resist

This is a cool and easy technique to add a highlight to your image.

Glossy Cardstock
White Crayon
Dye ink
Black Stazon Ink
Soft tissue or towel

1. Stamp an image with Stazon ink.
2. Apply white crayon on image to any area that should remain white.
3. Start sponging over your image with dye ink.
Continue to sponge color until the entire piece of cardstock is covered.
4. Buff gently with a paper towel. It will take the ink off your crayon areas.

Hope you have fun with these techniques! 
If you want to do hands on techniques, 
email me to sign up for a class!
Happy Stamping!

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