Saturday, February 13, 2010

Big Shot Luggage Tags

Another item for the Big Shot Fabric swap. 
I used  Heat n Bond to adhere the butterfly fabric to a plain purple.  I then cut out the Top Note die shapes.  I cut the vinyl (heavy weight) by layering 2 sheets together before cutting these into Top Note shapes.  (It is easier to have the vinyl cut together for lining up.)  I lined them all up, layeed a piece of tissue over the vinyl so it would feed through the sewing machine easily.  Otherwise it sticks to the sewing feed foot.

After I, slowly, sewed the edges.  You can't do this outline fast!  To attach the ribbon, I punched a hole through all the layers with the Crop A Dile.  I then separated the 2 pieces of vinyl and inserted eyelets into the back fabric and one piece of vinyl.  Then the front piece of vinyl.  Both facing outward.  They open to replace the address info when the ribbon is removed.  When tied to your bag the card with your info stays put.  You could even insert a key ring thru the eyelets and attach with a metal clip to be more secure.


Vicky said...

wow, love these Kim!! What a great idea! Nice for name tags on convention bags!!!

Anne said...

These are super-cool Kim. So you have two layers of fabric and two layers of vinyl? And the ID info goes between the two pieces of vinyl? Thanks for a great idea - I think I could do this!

Kim said...

That's correct. The 2 layers of fabric are bonded together. Then when putting in the eyelets one layer of vinyl and the fabric for one and just one layer of vinyl for the other.

ArtisticInkspirations said...

These are really unique...never would have thought to make luggage tags, but the TOP NOTE die is the PERFECT shape!! TFS.. I will have to make some with DSP and cs, then laminate. Connie in NM

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