Monday, January 4, 2010

Stencil Bleaching on Fabric

T shirt or fabric item
fresh unscented bleach
filtered tape water
small spray bottle
tag board liner - plastic to cover this
Ironing board or soft towel to iron in

Different fabrics will beach out differently.
If possible test bleach on inside area of clothing
or a scrap of fabric first. 

1. Wash your item without using softener.
This removes any sizing in the fabric.

2. Use painter’s tape to attach stencil to shirt. You want to peel it off with very little stretching of the fabric.  If you need to use other tape stick it to fabric once to twice first (so it will be less tacky) before attaching stencil.  To line up stencil where you’d like it on your chest. You can do this with shirt on.  Place tape at edge of top and side of stencil.  Then with shirt off, you can get the correct placement for the stencil.

3. Line shirt with waterproof liner. Make sure it is laying horizontal before starting to spray bleach solution.
I used the tag board sleeve the stencils came in. I only cut one end of the package to slide the stencils out.  You could use anything covered with saran wrap, or a plastic bag. You want the fabric pulled smooth but not stretched by the insert.  I folded the extra shirt fabric under, so I wouldn’t get stray bleach spray on it.

4. Lay an absorbent napkin or paper towel 2-3 layers
around stencil edge to protect shirt from run off.

5. Mix fresh bleach 50 - 50 with filtered tap water
in a small spray bottle.

6. Holding spray bottle about 5 inches away from stencil area spray short blasts in open stencil area.  Drops of the bleach solution will build up on stencil. Make sure to cover open areas thoroughly but do not drench area. Too much spray in the open stencil areas will cause design to bleed.

7. Carefully blot off excess bleach solution.
Don’t wipe, just blot with absorbent napkins or paper towels.

8. Remove stencil. Let the shirt sit a minute or two, then remove the liner and slide the shirt over the ironing board or place a towel inside (this prevents the bleach from getting on the back side of the shirt. ) Iron on a low heat setting to dry shirt faster. The bleach solution has less chance to bleed out.

Shirt is set to wear. You can rinse the shirt if a strong bleach odor remains. The shirt can be washed as instructed on care of t-shirt.  I have also posted this to my tutorials blog to make it easier to find in the future.

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Stamp/nScrap said...

Kim - thanks for the tutorial! I'm putting that stencil on my next order and will give it a try. It came out GREAT! Cheryl

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