Monday, January 18, 2010

Pop Up Dirt Biker

This is really an easy card.  I'll try to show the steps I did.

Cut WW 5"x 8".
Score at 4".
Stamp the tree.  It needs to be higher as in the picture above.

Tear the hills from one of our browns.  Attach right above the fold line.

You will need to cut a spiral circle.  You are seeing this in brown as the piece of window sheet did not show well at all.  So cut this shape from a window sheet.

I attach one end of the spiral (Use Sticky Strip so it holds for repeated openings!) usually to the top if the card so it is centered up and down on the card..

To attach the other side remove the protective film and close the card.  Press down where the tape is inside.  When you open it you have your boing factor! Yours will be clear window sheet, of course.

To attach the biker cut a hinge piece from a window sheet.  (Shown here in Brown CS so it can be easily seen.)

The hinge is attached to the top side of the spiral, the biker on the front side of the hinge.  The biker will then lay flat when you close the card.

Cut a cloud with a slit to slide it over the end of the clear spiral on the top of the card.  Sponge the edges and some bumps in the cloud for texture with Going Grey.  Oops, forgot to do that!  You can see that in the very first photo.

Slid this over your spiral on the card to hide the adhesive. Yours will be attached to the card.  I did this to show you how much.

To hide the end with adhesive on the bottom of the card I covered it with the greeting.

Happy Stamping!


lisa808 said...

This is a Wow card for a boy.

jmniffer said...

Amazing card! Thanks for the photo tutorial, it really helps to see how you made it work. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'm making one of these right away!

Vicky said...

Kim, I LOVE this idea!!! Great job, he looks so cool! TFS!

Holly said...

Awesomeness! As much as I've stamped and love 3D cards, this is the first I've seen using window sheets for the mechanism. maybe I'm behind the times (i had to drop out of hobbies to become a mother, lol) but, I'm "WOW!" impressed!! LOVE IT so much! TFS!!!

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