Monday, January 4, 2010

Party Favor Bag


Fabric 17” wide x 9” high
Sewing machine you do zig zag and straight stitch on or serger sewing machine
Thread to match or contrast with fabric
Stencil paints
Stencil brushes - preferably one for each color
Painters tape
Sturdy ribbon for drawstring - Grosgrain Ribbon works well
2 large eyelets
Crop A Dile
2 large beads optional

Stencil your design onto fabric.
Place water proof layer beneath fabric to prevent paint form staining work surface. Allow to dry. Use painters tape to hold stencil in place. You can use good post its (cut to size) or painters tape to cover open areas to prevent stenciling in wrong areas. Change with each color change.

Bag Assembly:
1. Zig Zag or Serge on one long edge of fabric.

2. Fold in each short edge ¼ inch. Iron flat. Sew edge seam so end of tube is finished.

3. Fold zig zagged long edge over toward back side of fabric 1 inch. Iron flat. Sew straight stitch seam over edge of zig zagged edge to hold in place. This will be the “tube” for the drawstring to run through.

4. Fold fabric in half. Right sides together. Sew short side from tube edge to bottom of fabric. Use either Serger or a straight stitch at ¼ inch and then a zig zag stitch along very edge.

5. Open flat, center seam just sewn. Stitch along bottom edge to finish bag. Use either Serger or a straight stitch at ¼ inch and then a zig zag stitch along very edge, to reinforce bottom of bag.

6. Turn right side out. Iron smooth on low setting. Iron from back side so as to not scorch the stencil paint.

7. Set a large eyelet in each corner using the Crop A Dile. You do not need to enlarge hole as for paper, fabric stretches around eyelet shape.

8. Thread ribbon from front through one eyelet, around back of bag through tube, back down and out the front through the other eyelet. Tie a knot in each end. You may thread a bead on before tying the knot.

Bag is ready to be filled with goodies.

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