Friday, November 6, 2009

Getting Your Stamp Space Organized

Organized.  sigh  Something I have been trying to do for awhile now.  This is something shared with me by my friend, Kathy Welch.  Her hubby made these for her.

 It is a Pringles can!  It holds those embellishment containers filled with buttons and brads!

Cut out a section 1.5" x 9.75 " the length of the can.  I followed one edge of the nutrition info to keep my line straight.

I applied sticky strip to the edge of the cut section, and along the top and bottom of the can.

You can see the red cover of the Sticky Strip in this picture.
Cut the DSP 10.25" tall by 9.75" wide.

I also applied Sticky Strip to the edges of the paper that met in the cut out section.  Wait to remove this red cover until you fold the edges into the inside of the can.  Otherwise it will stick to you as you work.  The paper was applied so the edges were centered on the cut out section. 

I cut diagonally into the corners and folded the extra over to the inside of the can.  I then stapled these edges so the staples were lined up under where the scallop strip will go.  The sticky tape wasn't sticking to the inside of the Pringles can.

I punched 2 edges of  a Chocolate Chip strip.  Cut them to .75" wide by 10.25" long.  Attach them with sticky strip.  I applied ribbon trim to the top and bottom of the can again using sticky strip.  I know they will hold up to lots of handling.   I layered the Oval punch on a Chocolate Chip Scallop punch shape.  Place the cap back on to hold the shape of the circle.  I used a sour cream chip container.  I couldn't get rid of the dill pickle smell in the other one.
I am going to make several of these and label them on the Oval punch what they are.  Brads, Buttons, etc.

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