Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi everyone!

Hope you enjoyed the blog hop. there were a few glitches, but hopefully those got worked out in time for you to enjoy seeing all the projects we made.
I have the tutorials I promised you. I will place them here and also on my tutorial blog. (see link in sidebar.) I like having them all in one place. On some blogs I have to search forever through posts to find a tutorial I didn't bookmark.
Faux Silk Technique

This technique works well with any floral set.
I really like how it turns out using Eastern Blooms or Embrace Life.

Supplies you’ll need:
Tissue paper - I find the tissue with the shiny back works best. Less ink bleeds through.
SU Glue stick
Whisper White cardstock
Classic Dye Ink or SU Markers
This technique can used with any floral stamp set. I really like it with Eastern Blooms and Embrace Life.

1. Stamp images on tissue paper.
Tissue should be larger than cardstock piece.

2. If your images are outline style you can color them in.
Start in center of outline work out toward edge.

3. Ball the tissue up so it is totally wrinkled. Gently smooth out tissue.
I like the wrinkles and fold that are created by leaving it somewhat crumpled.

4. Apply glue stick to the entire piece of Whisper White cardstock.
I cut my card stock bigger than I want it for my card.
I can then trim using the best image area.

5. Place tissue paper over Whisper White cardstock.
Pat down. Smooth out most wrinkles.

6. Trim to size needed for card. You can now finish your card.
This will be one layer of your card.

Here is a card I made with my clubs for this technique.


Reinker Spread Technique - That was shown at the Seattle Regionals by Crystal French from Denver.
While I could rewrite this technique. I am not going to. Patty Bennett has an amazing video she shared on her blog.
Please go there to see the beautiful flowers she created.

Now I did do it a little differently. I had no Shimmery White paper. I was too impatient to wait for my SU order. I used SU Watercolor paper. I had to rewet it thru the process to get it to work. I used my gentlest misting bottle to do this. I love how this turned out using the Embrace Life flower.


Dyeing Organza Ribbon

This is such a wow thing! I love that we can match this ribbon with all the colors we carry.
I learned this from Lisa Dallas - lisacat on Stampin’ Addicts

The ratio is 5 parts water or 91% alcohol to 1 part reinker

I use 10 of water and 2 drops of ink for about 12” - 18” of ribbon.
I use tap water, it works. If you have hard water (high mineral content) you may want to use the alcohol. I did find some in the pharmacy dept. at my grocer’s.

1. In a Ziploc sandwich bag place 5 drops of water or alcohol and 1 drop of reinker for every 6” of ribbon you are dyeing. I use an empty reinker bottle for the water portion.
When I was at Regionals and had to make more colored ribbon, I did drops of water off my fingers, it was slow but it worked!

2. Mix together.

3. Drop ribbon into bag. Seal and swish around.
I tip and tilt until the ribbon totally soaks up the liquid. It goes fast.

If there is not enough dye for the ribbon you can add more into a corner. Add water first then reinker. Mix up, seal and tip toward ribbon.

Lay ribbon on foil or wax paper to dry.
If placed on paper towels the color will be pulled out of the ribbon. If the shade is too intense I place ribbon between paper towels and pull ribbon through. This takes some of the color out. I then lay it on wax paper to dry. If dries fast. Within 30 mins.
Some of the colors I have done. The Ballet Blue was wiped down to lessen the color intensity.


Now on to the important stuff. Blog Candy!

I will be giving away a Hostess L1 Pattern Pack Designers Series Paper II to some lucky person. Post a comment telling me what you'd like to see in a future blog hop. Your comment will enter you in the Blog Candy drawing! I will draw the winner on Tuesday so get your comment posted before Midnight Monday PST!


Cheri said...

I'd love to see a blog hop where the items offer a variety of difficulty. Maybe start with the first person doing a few very easy items and have the difficulty gradually increase with each "hop" to the next blog.

Great tutorials - thank you for sharing.

manybooks said...

That ribbon is gorgeous! I will certainly be trying this - thank you so much for all the tips! I love ribbon and I alwasy like tutorials with them, like how to make interesting bows, or use ribbon in different ways. THANKS for a fun blog hop and a consistently awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what's been offered earlier- this is my 2nd blog hop. I'd like to see a blog hop with vellum and embossing techniques. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas! I'll be back!
Sharon Steinwand

Gi Gi said...

Hi Kim! Thank you for doing these tutorials and great job the the blog tour. On future tours, I would love to see everyone use different techniques on their cards or creation. Hmmm... and how about if no one did any cards and just created other things. Thanks for doing this give away and keep up the great work =)

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Thanks Kim for the terrific tutorials and the fun hop stop. I like the earlier posters idea of degree of difficulty increasing.

A Technique hop would be awesome especially if a pdf or other document accompanied each post that when printed would be like the technique cards found on SCS and other internet sources. One hop would give a stamper the basics and more for ongoing learning.

Thanks again for sharing the creativity in your personal space here in the blogosphere. - Jean

Perhaps a hop centered on stamping embellishments - buttons, eyelets, brads, ribbon, chipboard, rub ons, etc.

Another idea - chipboard hop whether commercial die cut, Big Shot/Cuttlebug cut, journals, book board uses, etc.

Use all the Stamps theme. Stamp projects using every stamp in a set in the course of the projects with different themes to showcase the flexibility of the sets. Perhaps 1 Christmas, 1 Birthday, 1 Thanks, with 3D items allowed as well. etc.

Stampndragon said...

Well, I'd like to see a variety of different techniques with instructions. Thanks for these great blog tours, I know ya'll put a lot of work into setting them up!
Cindy F.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the dyeing tutorial of the Organza ribbon!!!!! That is too cool for school! Thanks for sharing!

I really enjoyed the blog hop & as a few of the gals mentioned above, I'm not really sure what has been done before, but.....

How about using one or two different accessories & see what wonderful creations your talented group of gals on your blog hop can create.

I'm always looking for new inventive ideas with all of the wonderful accessories that are offered in the catalog.

So glad I found your blog & will now be getting it in my inbox! :)

Stampin' Smiles from Ear to Ear,
Ann :)

Carol P said...

Think I have to agree with some of the others. Would love to see lots of different techniques. Thanks for the great tutorials.

Margaret said...

You make dyeing ribbon look so easy! I wouldn't of thought of using a baggie! Thanks for the blog hop and having all your tutorials on a separate site so we can find them!

Teri said...

I would like to see more techniques and tutorials on the blogs. They are always helpful.

Anonymous said...

I love these ideas. I too think tutorials would be nice.
Susan R Wade

Alicia said...

I loved this blog hop! So many beautiful ideas.
I would love to see a future blog hop devoted to new items from the new catalog: a new embellishment, or new dsp, or a new stamp set, etc.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Karen said...

Thanks for your great blog and for giving us an opportunity to express our wants/needs for the next blog hop. I agree with many of the ideas already posted, but my primary desire is for techniques with written directions using current/new stamps. Thank you for the techniques you posted for us here! I prefer cards/scrapbook pages only on the hop. Perhaps "projects" could be on a separate hop.

Kathy said...

Holy Moly! This has to be the tip of the year. Thanks for posting it here.

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