Sunday, March 29, 2009

I've been feeling less than wonderful. I am dealing with 2 pinched nerves. The one in my back is much better. The one in my leg affecting my right leg/foot is slowly getting better. These have kept me from sitting in either office chair for my office and the stamp room. I finally brought a straight back chair up to the office so I can be on the computer.
I do have something to share today. I worked on this organizer back when I first got my Matchbox die which will be available for order from the Occasion's Mini Catalog starting April 1st. I see this having many uses. Now if I can just get my body better so I can sit and work on some projects! :)
Matchbox Organizer
It is made up of 4 sets of 3 matchboxes. They are adhered together in layers and then attached to the top and bottom pieces. I used the retired paper Bali Breeze. I had a little left and thought this would be a great way to use it up. I recommend making the drawers out of whatever paper you want the front of the drawer to be. Adhering small pieces tot hem is not easy.

The drawer pulls, knob on top, and feet are all push pins. I snipped the prong to 1/16" and placed them in prepunched holes (I used the paper piercer). For the "glue" I used Crystal Effects. The drawers sat on end until the Crystal Effects set up.

This was the project that inspired me to try this. For a first try it's okay. :) Yikes I just reread this. I meant MY first try not the inspiration item creator's!


MaryR said...

Kim, i am completely in love with this - now I *need* this die - didn't think i did until i saw this!

Dixie Finn said...

Kim- this is sensational! You are so talented.

Sara said...

I am loving this....

Anonymous said...

Amazing. I may have to try one of these...some time.

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