Friday, February 13, 2009

Cupid Swap
I am part of a special group of friends
who are doing a Secret Cupid Swap.
This is what I got in my package for Feb. 12th.
We are doing 3 days of gifts to open.
This was such a cheerful sight when I opened the box.
Well they were all in there sideways at first.
They didn't spring up like a pop up card!

All so cool! Love the ice brads I don't own any of those.
The chocolate is/was delicious!
The post it holder will come on very handy.
I am still marking favorites in my catalog.

All these could be cased for stamp camp projects.

I saw the UPS truck back in today.
Well you know I was so excited! I went out to greet him,
no really to grab my package. They never talk to me. He says . . . . .
You got a package from Oklahoma instead of Utah!

It was suppose to be a secret.
I was all set to NOT LOOK at the address. sigh
Well there are 3 of the gals who live there, so it's still a puzzle.

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Lisa said...

Mmmmm... chocolate..... Great package!!!!

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