Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Shot Storage
I had a customer ask me how to keep
all her Big Shot stuff organized.
I decided to share what I do
to keep track of all my Big Shot gear.
I have this cart I bought about 15 years ago.
Don't worry I've seen some like them recently.
See here:
This one would hold any size basket.
This slim one would fit in between stuff.
It was just holding junk so I cleared it out
and put all my Big Shot stuff in the baskets.
The cart wheels anywhere I need it
in my Stampin' Studio. It fits right in between
the TV cabinet and the steps to the upstairs.
I love that I can slide the drawers
out and place it on my work table.
The Big Shot fits perfectly in the top basket.
If it hadn't I was going to create a top platform to set it on.
To do that, in case you don't find the perfect size cart,
you would cut a board large enough to fit over the top
of your cart and big enough to set your Big Shot on.
Drill 2 medium size holes at each corner
so they line up with the top bar of the cart.
Using zip ties feed them up, over the board,
and down thru the holes. Fasten together
underneath the board and top bar so they are not seen.
I put all my Texture plates, platform,
and cutting plates in the second basket. I seem to always
be pulling them out.It makes them easier to reach.
I have all the BigZ dies in the next. Sizzlets,
Sizzlets Decorative Strips, and older Sizzix dies in the third.
The bottom basket is contraband. lol
I have all my Cuttlebug stuff in there. Funny though,
I never seem to use them anymore.
Come May it probably will go in the used stamp sale.
I also want to share Linda Heller also posted
some great storage ideas today on her blog.
Check them out too!

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